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Sleep Researchers from around the globe, including Penn’s Center for Sleep have formed the Sleep Apnea Genetics International Consortium (SAGIC). The Consortium is a multidisciplinary, collaborative working group that includes researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Grenoble University in France, Landspitali University Hospital in Iceland, Ohio State University, Charité University Hospital in Berlin, University of Western Australia, the University of Sydney, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Médicado Instituto do Sono. We work closely with sleep physicians and clinical researchers in affiliated institutions.

The Consortium aims to establish an international clinical and epidemiological database resource and linked biospecimen resource (DNA plus sera) in order to investigate the genetic causes of sleep apnea. As part of this consortium, questionnaire data, sleep-associated data and blood samples will be linked (with informed consent) from patients diagnosed with sleep apnea for the purposes of investigating the genetics of sleep apnea and the genetic risk factors for the various co-morbidities.

By collecting a large range of information about study participants, we hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the genetic factors associated with sleep apnea and its co-morbidities in order to better manage, treat and prevent the disorder. For more information please visit here.

This website provides access for researchers to download and upload sleep study data. Click a button in the bottom to choose either upload files or download files. Please note that all user access and activities are logged and monitored.

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